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Aroma Point Therapy

During a treatment, essential oils will be individually applied to acupuncture points to enhance and deepen the healing effects. Read more about it here.


Aromatherapy is a form of plant medicine that uses the essential oils that are distilled from aromatic plants. These oils can be inhaled or applied topically for therapeutic benefit.  They are especially effective for respiratory conditions, immune enhancement, skin, musculo-skeletal conditions, and a wide array of mental-emotional states.


The essential oils used are only from well reputed companies that source their oils directly from distillers who practice sustainable harvesting methods. Floracopeia and Snow Lotus both carry exceptionally high quality, unadulterated oils. 

Bettina's Aromatherapy Training

Foundations of Aromatherapy, Level 1 Certification - NY Institute of Aromatic Studies

Aroma Point Therapy, Level 1 and 2 - Snow Lotus Aromatherapy and Tiffany Carole Pollard

A Pharmacy of Flowers – Floracopeia

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